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How to choose a safe fence for children

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1. Material

  • Environmental protection and the absence of a strange smell. When choosing, pay attention to the type of material, as it affects health. My children's safety fence was odorless when I bought it, so I can use it with safety and reassurance."
  • Thick, in fact the fence can be used for a long time. When he was young, its purpose was to protect the safety of the child, and when he grew up, it could be used as a recreational area. So it must be of quality, my house is now designated as his play area.

2. Model

  • Pay attention to whether the hands and feet are stuck, the gap between the fence and the fence should be narrow to prevent the child's body from being caught, for example, some plastic children's fences will encounter this problem.
  • Pay attention to whether he can climb out, in this case mothers with children alone should pay special attention. When the child is able to crawl, we can move away, as the fence is a relatively safe place. However if there are too many horizontal frames on the fence, the child will have a foothold to climb on, it is easy to climb out, and the children will fall off the fence accidentally.

3. Lock the door

It is preferable to lock doors from the outside because no matter how complex the lock is, the "little child's intelligence" can always learn it. Then he leaves without you noticing.

4. Job

The main function of the fence is protection, with or without games or music it really doesn't matter. After all we buy a lot of other toys too.

This playpen is safe in structure, giving your child a safe home.

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