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Buy now and pay later

Buy now and pay later with Tamara

What is Tamara?

It is a payment method that enables the customer to purchase now and pay later in 3 easy installments without any additional fees.

How do I pay in installments?

The easiest thing is, we divide the bill amount into 3 installments. The first installment you pay upon purchase is a third of the amount, the second installment a month later, and the last one a month after that.

This means that the bill amounted to 300 riyals to you. You pay 100 riyals upon purchase, then 100 riyals a month later, and 100 riyals after that in the second month.

Without any interest or additional fees at all

Are there any benefits or fees?

No, never. You will always pay the same amount for the item you purchased. Tamara and the store will not apply fees, and there are no interest or profit percentage from Tamara to the customer. I bought a product for 300 RS, and she pays us 300 RS herself.

How long does the purchasing process take?

Very record time, and not complicated.

All we need from you is your mobile number and make sure you have a bank card (Mada, Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay).

Do you withdraw the amount at the time of purchase or make a reservation on it?

We will never withdraw money from you without your consent.

On the day of the purchase, you will not pay anything at all.

How can I pay you?

You pay us on the Tamara website (do not pay the store directly). All you have to do is enter here with the mobile number you registered with, then you can pay in any way that suits you: Mada, credit card, ApplePay, or bank transfer.

If I'm late, what happens?

A fee of 25 riyals applies per month, with a maximum of 150 riyals in total.

We hope that you always pay on time, and we will remind you of that after purchase and before the final payment date

How can I know more information about you?

Our website: