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The child seat is the most important component of your car

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The main benefit for a woman when she owns her car is to install the child seat correctly. In order to protect her children in the event of an accident or any such matter, says engineer Ahmed Al-Basha, a car maintenance expert, pointing out that it must always be installed so that it is facing the opposite direction of traffic.

These seats are fastened with car belts or the Isofix fastening system. When using the Isofix fastening system, the seat is well fixed. Without this system, the car’s seat belt must secure the seat well, and for this purpose the child seat must be folded forward somewhat.

He added (for children in weight categories from about 15 to 36 kg) the belt secures both the seat and the child. Here the belt must be tightened properly and passed at the level of the collarbone. After the shoulder belt is passed, it must be fixed in one position with a buckle.

It is recommended to watch educational films, seek advice when purchasing a seat, and inquire about all the correct installation processes from specialists in the store, or even from the producing company.

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