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What are the functions of educational games?

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The educational teacher resorts to using Educational games And educational, because it has a set of functions that it works to achieve through Educational process and pedagogy in educational teaching, These functions are represented by the following:

  • Play is considered one of the Educational tools, as a means of creating the student’s interaction with the elements and components of the environment, in order to learn and develop the student’s personality and behavior.

  • Play represents an educational method that is based on approximation Concepts To the student, it provides him with assistance in order to understand and know the meanings of things and adapt to life and its reality.

  • Play is considered one of the effective tools in individualization And organizing education In order to confront and confront Individual differences Between students and their education based on their personal abilities.

  • Play embodies an effective and constructive tool that can be used to eliminate and get rid of the student’s selfishness and self-love, and move him to the stage of respecting and appreciating others, granting loyalty and obedience to the group, and adapting and conforming to it.

  • Play is a flexible means that can provide opportunities and inputs in order to bring about balance and growth in the student, and it works to meet and satisfy the student’s inclinations and desires.

  • Play is considered a social means for student education Methods and methods Communication, rules of behavior and behaviour, social customs and values.

  • Play is considered a tool that helps students communicate and express themselves, regardless of... Differences between students From a cultural and linguistic standpoint, it is considered one of the communication tools between the student and those older than him.

  • Play embodies society's approach to providing opportunities to unleash, discover, nurture, and direct latent abilities. It is thus considered a safety valve and an educational institution that operates automatically before and after school.

  • Play is one of the main channels that transmit technology, values, knowledge, traditions, customs and trends from one student to another, and from one generation to another.
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